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Alternative assets have long been a critical part of the investment strategy for the wealthy ,and thanks to the 2012 JOBS Act, now they’re opening up to everyday investors. Real estate, venture capital, litigation, fine wine and art, collectibles, royalties, and much more are now more accessible than ever, sometimes for as little as $100 (or even less!).

Here’s what our investor community is about:

  • This community is primarily for adventurous individual investors looking to discuss the vibrant investment crowdfunding and online alternative investment ecosystem
  • You’ll find conversations about investment platforms, due diligence, investor resources, interesting investment offerings and more
  • Share ideas and insights from your own alternative investment experience
  • At our parent site YieldTalk you can learn more about the ecosystem including investor education and reviews of more than 100 platforms

This community is just getting started, so this is your chance to help lay a solid foundation of supportive help for fellow investors!

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