My Investment "Shopping Cart"?

I’ve always got some Save-for-Later items in my amazon shopping cart, and a few more potential purchases in various store carts on my browser. (This is normal, right??) Now I’m thinking I need a cart for interesting CF investments. There are so many great-in-theory offerings, but I know a waiting period and a second look are always in my best interest. What kind of tools do you use for keeping an investment offering in mind … not losing track of the deadline … and maybe even the essential questions you must have answered before you invest?

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I’m in the same boat!

While it isn’t too sophisticated, I currently use a combination of a Google Sheet and set calendar reminders for myself when I want to follow up (or prior to a closing date).

Another platform I use is the portfolio feature. You can add investments that you’ve invested in, but also “Follow” companies you are interested in. This can be a great reminder to go back to that page once a week (for example) and see what companies warranted follow-up.

As a contributor to the Kingscrowd platform, there are probably also some more interesting features that will be introduced along these lines in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Both are totally normal in my view @audrey I actually have a folder in my browser bookmarks called “future purchases”. :smiley:

I don’t have a special tool that I use for keeping an investment offering in mind, but for platforms like Republic and WeFunder I do use their “favorite” feature so I can get updates on something I am watching. If it’s a company making regular updates it has helped me revisit and make a decision.

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